Group Rides

Group rides are the heart and soul of Valley Velo. It's an opportunity for us all to get out and do what we love, ride. Rides will encompass various focuses and speeds. From road race style to steady power, there will be many different opportunities to improve fitness, practice skills, or see how you measure up in some friendly competition.

Cycling Skills

Valley Velo prides itself on being safe and responsible. We will have USAC coaches on every ride to assist with the skills and etiquette of group riding and ensure that V2 riders respect the rules of the road. And since everyone can always improve their bike handling skills, we will conduct various clinics so that riders can boost their skills and confidence while out on the road.


While racing is not the main focus of Valley Velo, we will have a presence at the local criterium and time trial races. So if you race, want to race, or just want to find out more about the local racing scene, V2 will provide opportunities for you to get involved.